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The private enterprise «Hazar logistik» provides reliable, affordable and integrated logistics services in Turkmenistan and the region, including products delivery and warehousing. Our private enterprise was established in 2020. On April 13 of the same year, «Hazar logistik» received a certificate from the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan confirming its official registration and inclusion in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of Turkmenistan. «Hazar logistik» is a constantly growing company with extensive expertise in its sector. Within a short time we have risen to the top of the logistics industry in the country. «Hazar logistik» holds licenses to conduct different types of activities in the fields of marine and inland water transport, expedite loads, and the coordination of freight transportation by road. Our private enterprise has a modern transport, communication and equipment base, which ensures the safe and fast delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the consumers. It also has a wide range of representative branches. Our branches are located in the cities Mary, Ashgabat, and Turkmenbashi.

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«Hazar logistik» is working with you to take you one step further in performing any of your cargo operations. We are taking strong steps on the way forward to continue our corporate business partnership in peace. The «Hazar logistik» company has licenses to carry out activities in maritime and inland water transport, certain areas of forwarding work, as well as the organization of freight transportation by road, forwarding of goods. The main directions of our activity are logistics services, freight transportation by sea, rail, road and air, multimodal and container shipping. «Hazar logistik» is one of the leading domestic, import-export, transit companies. We provide comprehensive services not only in Turkmenistan, but also in the regional and international levels. We are also effectively cooperating with other logistic companies. Thousands of customers use our services every year. Any company can rely on us for logistics outsourcing.

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