Behind every great success is great logistics

Transport is an indispensable tool in the integrated development of economic zones, the deployment of productive forces as far as possible, and the implementation of economic and technological communication between industries and enterprises. Today, the versatility, quality and speed of transport are one of the key indicators in the world and play a key role in international economic relations. If we look at the world experience, the creation of a developed transport complex in geographically favorable countries and regions allows for additional income from transit cargo as well. Our private enterprise «Hazar logistik» also contributes to the development of the work of each of our customers.

Our mission

Turkmenistan is located at a geographically convenient crossroads of intercontinental railways. The main goal of our «Hazar logistik» company is to provide high-quality logistics services to its customers. Taking advantage of Turkmenistan's wide-ranging opportunities to develop mutually beneficial relations with Eurasian states, as well as the very efficient and convenient use of our country's national transport and communications system, our joint team is based on maritime, road, rail, air and domestic exports, provides transit services. Our main goal is to fully meet the needs of our customers and provide you with modern services.

Get start with «Hazar logistik»!

We are proud to be recognized as one of the most reliable and affordable logistics and warehousing service providers in the country. As a third-party logistics service provider, our main line of shipping services are freight services, including warehousing, logistics and other ancillary services. The major focus of our services is the transportation of products by sea. We transport or receive cargo from Turkmenbashi International Sea Port and ensure its prompt arrival. As a result of collaboration in the field of modern cargo transportation, the capabilities of operators and major ports provide us with:

  • • Quick delivery of your container;

  • • Prompt loading of your containers;

  • • Organization of the quickest removal of your containers from the port;

  • • Ensuring complete and accurate paperwork.